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Anonymous asked: What's up with daehyunnie :(?


I think he is homesick, tired and also a little bit depressed. I have MANY reasons for believing this, so let’s just start.

I have seen them live 4 times in total, my first time was August last year. Daehyun was super flirty and adorable, laughing, joking with the boys, having the time of his life on stage.
Earlier this year, in Feburary I saw them live again. Daehyun was still having much fun, joked and talked. In other words being the charmer that he is.
I saw him live last week at the Hallyu Dream Festival and he was behaving differently. No fan interactions, no dorky smile, no laughter and nothing that is TYPICAL for Daehyun. It was weird.
Yesterday, at The K Festival, he was even weirder. It was like he almost refused to look at BABYz. Like he didn’t want to be there.

If you look at any pictures from the past week you will have to look VERY hard to see a faint smile on Daehyun’s lips. I went to the Hallyu Dream (140928) and he was just weird. At first I thought he was nervous because they had the opening act for a very big festival here in South Korea. Also he had a special stage with BtoB’s Eunkwang, VIXX’s Leo and GOT7’s Youngjae later on, where they did a cover of TVXQ’s Mirotic (the stage was amazing btw), so we just brushed it off as nervousness, even though it bothered everyone that we couldn’t see his charming smile and adorable personality.

At The K Festival yesterday (141004) they were set up for a 40 minute stage, which they ended 10 minutes early. The boys hardly spoke a work, and least of all, Daehyun… He did not smile, he did not interact with fans, he only opened his mouth and moved when he had to. Daehyun avoided BABYz, even though most of us had the matoki light stick or other green light sticks for the concert, he didn’t look at us, he was frowning and being very weird the entire time. When they ended their stage they said a very short good bye, Daehyun threw his snapback into the crowd, then they hurried out - 10 minutes early. We all cheered for an encore but for no use…

As for The LG Dream Festival (141003) I have no idea.. From the pictures I have seen, and from what I have read online, Daehyun seemed to be quite in the same mood as he was in my previous descriptions.

The morning before yesterday, Daehyun tweeted something around 5AM, which he deleted almost right away, which was;


8 years ago… Before his trainee days. He was longing to go back in time and have fun like a child would…

People are saying that Daehyun is leaving B.A.P. Do NOT believe this for one second. B.A.P is a family. If one leaves, they all leave. Do not believe in rumors right now, just understand that Daehyun might be having a hard time and let him rest a bit.

It has also been MONTHS since Daehyun went home to Busan to see his family, he is going on several upcoming tours, which means more practice, more comebacks and less time to visit his family and friends back home.

I think it would be nice if we can send him kind messages on twitter and be good fans, it’s the only thing we can do to help, and let’s hope it works out. I don’t want Daehyun to be this way. :c I miss his kind smile and adorable laugh.

Let’s all take a moment to think about the fact that it’s getting close to 3 years since B.A.P debuted and all they have done until now is work harder than any other group I know of.

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B.A.P CHALLENGE DAY 25: Your favorite aegyo

Guk aegyo = best aegyo  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Is this sound of the rain, your voice?
Is this a sound that calls to me?
Am I the only one thinking of you?
Will this rain comfort me?

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"Adventure is out there"
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Bang Yongguk. ♡

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“Where are you? What are you doing? Are you well?
Because you’re not next to me, lonely lonely day”


various facial expression of Kim himchan
ft Yongguk calm & beautiful smile
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